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Melissa Nigi:Ottawa's Personal Chef


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       Ottawa's Personal Chef Service.

Delicious freshly made entrées to put in your fridge and freezer, tailored to your taste and dietary needs.

arvelous Mouthfuls provides you with your very own personal chef who designs menus for you, shops for the groceries and then comes to your home and creatively prepares delicious and nutritious meals. Marvelous Mouthfuls' services are available in Ottawa, Ontario. and surrounding areas.

By using a personal chef you are buying time, investing in your health and eliminating the ‘what’s for dinner?’ dilemma.

    Melissa's personal chef service is ideal for those who:
  • have difficulty finding time to plan, shop for and prepare daily meals
  • are eating out and eating fast food more often than they want to
  • make eating healthy & delicious food a priority
  • are wanting to lose weight
  • have special dietary needs or food allergies
  • want to have more time in the evening
  • want ready made lunches to take to work
  • are unable to cook for themselves
  • want delicious meals to take boating and to the cottage
  • want a unique gift idea
Personal Chef Service Together, we determine your menu needs and set up a schedule. I shop for the ingredients and prepare the entrées, which I package in meal size portions together with instructions on how to heat. Meals are ready to put in your fridge and freezer.


Imagine coming home to a clean kitchen and delicious food!

The food is made fresh that day. I also provide a more frequent service to clients who prefer their food freshly made weekly rather than freezing. Delivery of entrées is available only when cooking in the client's home is not possible. An extra charge will apply.

Entrées can be tailored to each individual’s needs which is also great for your children. Portion sizes can also be adjusted to suit smaller appetites.  I am always delighted when I have wonderful comments from client’s children about how much they enjoy the food.

I use my own cooking equipment except where the clients have extreme allergies, in which case I use the client's equipment. I always ensure that your kitchen is left clean.

Gift Certificates Available

Privacy Policy: Marvelous Mouthfuls Gourmet Cooking works to ensure the accuracy, confidentiality and integrity of your personal information. We do not sell, share, nor distribute client information in any way.